July 4: Independence Day!

flag_hassam_4th_16_lgHey baby, it’s the Fourth of July! Yes, today we celebrate the 238th anniversary of the Second Continental Congress’ adoption of the Declaration of Independence, but did you know that many other reasons to celebrate American freedom occurred on July 4th? Observe:

  • 1826: Founding fathers and frenemies Thomas Jefferson and John Adams die on the fiftieth anniversary of the Declaration.
  • 1827: The State of New York abolishes slavery.
  • 1863: Union victories are declared at both the Battle of Vicksburg and Battle of Gettysburg.
  • 1881: The Tuskeegee Institute opens.
  • 1884: The Statue of Liberty is unveiled in Paris, and the French governments announces it will pay for the statue’s trip to New York Harbor.
  • 1910: African-American boxer Jack Johnson easily defeats previously undefeated heavyweight champion James J. Jeffries by a TKO in what was advertized as the “Fight of the Century.”
  • 1946: In a beautifully symbolic move, the Philippines achieve independence from the United States, ending an over 300 year period of colonization by several nations.
  • Plus American legends Nathaniel Hawthorne, Hiram Walker, Stephen Foster, Calvin Coolidge and Neil Simon were all born on the 4th of July.

So, today, raise your glass to American freedom by carefully constructing the Fourth of July cocktail. It’s a pousse-café (French for “push the coffee) drink that will require you to do some careful layering. If done correctly, sweet pousse-café cocktails should display a evenly distributed combination of colors.

Fourth Of July

  • 3/4 ounces each blue curacao, triple sec and grenadine

Pour the blue curacao in to the bottom of a pousse-café glass or any other kind of flat sided glass (Wine glasses like these will work just fine). Then place a spoon at an angle with its rounded backside facing up, and the edge just barely over the blue curacao that’s already in the glass. Slowly pour the triple sec over the back of the spoon. Remove the spoon and repeat this process with the grenadine. If you did this correctly, you should have three distinct layers: One red layer, a “white” semi-clear layer in the center and a blue layer at the bottom. If you didn’t manage to get this right, then hey at least you’ve got a tasty little drink. Alternately, if you want a real white layer, use cream, and if you want to make this drink into a shooter, reduce each ingredient to a half-ounce or 1/3 ounce depending on the size of your shot glass.

Happy 4th!

Tomorrow: We work on our bikini bodies.


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